Summary in English

Rose-Marie Lindfors Drama Teacher & Storyteller   RM Curriculum Vitae eng

Stories build bridges between human beings and provide answers to what it means to be human. A story speaks directly to our emotions and our senses. It creates powerful images that are conveyed from the storyteller to the listener. It is the key that unlocks language, and enables communication with other people. The oral storytelling is tradition, a carrier of culture, an art form, and a tool for learning, healing and communication.

I have more than 30  years of experience working with creative development processes, drama and storytelling. I have a large collection of folktales, and other stories from all around the world, that I can tell. And I do workshops and courses in:

  • Storytelling and drama as art.
  • Applied storytelling – as a tool for language learning.
  • Drama and storytelling as a tool in the learning process at schools.  
  • The learning process through the arts.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship.

As a project leader I am leading an Erasmus project ”Listen” and ”Lyssna på oss” a democracy/cultural project finansed by the Swedish Arts Council

I have a large network of international storytellers and organisations working with storytelling, festivals and education. I am on the board of the Swedish Storytelling  Network

I am involved in the local Storytelling association Skelleftebygdens Berättarföreningen

I am a member of the team that is creating the first Centre for Storytelling in Scandinavia  and the annual Storytellingfestival in Skellefteå. 



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